insect control

Why Control Flying Insects?


  • Prevent damage
  • Prevent disease
  • Abide by the law
  • Prevent and eliminate contamination
  • Prevent loss of reputation
  • Prevent financial loss: caused by damage to goods
  • Health and safety




  • Clothes and carpet moths – the larvae of clothes moths eat through and cause damage to fabrics such as wool, cotton and carpets.
  • Food moths – food or ‘pantry’ moths eat stored food products in kitchens and larder storage areas.
  • Warehouse moths and Indian meal moth/Stored product insect moth tend to feed off flour based products, grain, cereal and can effect pet food. Control is necessary to stop contamination and loss of infested goods.

insect control


Flying insects


Blue Bottle
Bluebottle flies are attracted to dead carcasses, rotten food, bins and rubbish. They carry a lot of diseases and illnesses.

Cluster Fly
Cluster flies are often found in attics and cavity walls and are often seen around window frames.

Fruit Fly
Fruit flies can be found around fermenting fruit and other sugary items such as beer and alcohol. 

The Mosquito
Mosquitoes and midges gather near water and can bite.

House Flies

House flies can become a nuisance in your homes and can also carry diseases.

To rid flying insects we provide services with Ultra violet lighting electronic fly units internally and externally fly boxes to control flying insects.


Vulcan Fly Units

 These fully electronic machines ensure minimal power consumption, meaning maximum financial savings, when compared to similar units.

 An industrial fly killer that is IP65 rated for warehouses and similar Commercial and industrial premises.

 Encapsulation units capture flies in an adhesive film hygienically sealing in fly fragments. The advantage of this type of fly trap is that the catch surface is routinely refreshed, reducing problems in dusty conditions. Call us for insect control pest control pest control biggleswade Bedfordshire, Stevenage


Other Methods of Curing Flying Insect Infestations

Other methods of flying insect control is Insecticide spray treatments with residual high performance licensed professional pest control services use only. Different methods include fogging, aerosol, space sprays, heat, freeze and non toxic eco treatments.

 We cover all other flying insects that cause nuisance we are based in Biggleswade, Bedfordshire areas.

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