Rabbit removal is a core for rural pest control services. We pride ourselves on being able to resolve any rabbit infestation, no matter how severe it might be.

Our priority is always to solve the pests problem as quickly as possible to minimise damage and inconvenience on your part. 

We specialise in Trapping, Shooting to remove Rabbits and also provide Ferreting Services. 


 Pest infestations aren’t confined to the home. They can also affect your garden, and moles are one of the biggest pests around – although it’s fun to see the hills they create in the countryside, it’s less amusing when those hills are appearing on your lawn. Moles can ruin your grass and your plants by digging tunnels underneath them and therefore not allowing their roots the space to grow. If you have a mole problem and you take pride in your garden’s appearance, it needs to be fixed immediately. call our pest control services Biggleswade Bedfordshire Stevenage

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