Rodent Control: Mice, Rats, Squirrels, other rodents



Rodents can cause issues in and around your premises regardless of how clean you are, your location or the buildings age. It can be hard to determine whether you have a rodent problem since many of them can go undetected. If you’ve noticed horrible smells, heard scratching, some form of droppings or other warning signs and would like a second opinion? We’re only a phone call away.

It’s essential to tackle a rodent problem as soon as possible. They potentially can cause damage like chewing your electrics. Rodents are unhygienic, rats, mice and similar animals can spread disease through their droppings, as well as be carrying various health issues themselves. 

Mice removal in the UK is one of the core rodent pest control services we offer committed to helping you rid your premises of mice as soon as they move in.

Mice present a health risk as well as a general inconvenience in terms of causing damage to your property, we aim to completely resolve the pests problem as quickly as possible.



Our pest control services will carry out a detailed survey on how to get rid of Rodents. We specialise in Rodent control.  We identify the areas where the rodents are in entering your home or business and where they could be getting in.

Exclusion, where we can choose from a selection of  eradication techniques, from traps, live capture traps to poisons.

Proofing, where we block any access points with the appropriate materials to ensure rodents can no longer re-enter the property. We also provide drain proofing to stop Rats entering premises from the drains.

Monitoring, after initial treatment Is complete we offer designed contracts to keep continuous monitoring on site to prevent any reinfestation.

Rodents carry all sorts of diseases especially Rats, they carry leptospirosis which is a bacterial disease that affects humans, animals which can cause flu like symptoms and jaundice. Call our professional Pest control services to help rid you of pests infestation. We're based in Biggleswade, Bedfordshire.


Grey Squirrels cause huge pests issues in homes, chewing fascias and entering lofts and attics to nest. Whilst in these areas they can chew through electrical wires and piping. We use traps and live capture traps to deal with squirrels, as it is illegal in the UK to catch one and release it back into the wild. We are therefore obliged to dispatch it, which we do humanely as possible. Once all the animals have been removed, our pest control services can offer a service to begin repair work and ensure that the access points they were using are blocked off to prevent a reoccurrence of the problem.

Why you need to deal with Rodents quickly!


 Rodents can disrupt your business and home life. Here is why you should deal with them as soon as possible.

  • Prevent Damage
  • Prevent Disease
  • Prevent & Eliminate Contamination
  • Prevent Loss of Reputation & Goodwill
  • Prevent Financial Loss: Caused By Damage to Goods
  • Abide by Prevention of Damage by Pests Act 1949.This is legislation. The duty of local authorities to control mice and rats and provides powers to local authorities to compel land owners or occupiers to take action to keep land free from rodents. Call our pest control services on advice on how to get rid of rats. rodent control Biggleswade Bedfordshire, Stevenage